CEES 2024 | April 5-7, 2024 | Kyoto, Japan

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we welcome you to 2024 The 6th International Conference on Clean Energy and Electrical Systems (CEES 2024) , we are honored to stand before you amidst a gathering of brilliant minds, innovators, and leaders in the field of Clean Energy and Electrical Systems. CEES has long been a beacon of progress, serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas, the dissemination of cutting-edge research, and the fostering of collaborations that drive positive change in our world. We are glad that we can meet in Kyoto as planned, even if some attendees participated online. CEES hybrid conference prove to bring you an unforgettable and meaningful experience.


Photo Gallery of CEES2024

Speakers are Prof. Mingcong Deng, who is from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan; Prof. Yamada Hirohito come from Tohoku University, Japan, Prof. Hossam Gaber, who is from Ontario Tech University, Canada; and Prof. Farhad Shahnia, who is from Murdoch University, Australia. They will share their new research, new ideas. Parallel oral presentations ranging from Material Performance Analysis and Mechanical Calculation, Power System Control and Clean Energy Utilization, New Battery Design and Development. New Energy Development and Energy Management, Modern Control Theory and Mechanical Engineering to Modern Power System and Hybrid Energy Technology are presented.

All the presenters had the privilege of engaging in thought-provoking discussions, attending insightful presentations, and networking with fellow professionals who shared their commitment to related fields. From exploring emerging technologies and best practices to examining policy frameworks and case studies from around the globe. We believe it will be a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and actionable solutions.

We extend warmest welcome to each and every one of you. Thank you for your participation, your passion, and your dedication to advancing the cause of environmental engineering and sustainability. Together, let us look forward to CEES 2025 will be another resounding success.

At last, congratulations on all best oral presentation winners:

 Session 1:
CE-099 Performance assessment of an electrically reconfigurable photovoltaic array in an off-grid system
Aaron Keith Y. Chan and Erees Queen B. Macabebe
Prenseter: Erees Queen B. Macabebe
Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

Session 2:
CE-129 Impact of interference between inverter-based distributed power sources on the power system
Yuko Hirase, Tomoya Ide, Eiji Yoshimura, Yusuke Umezu, Soichiro Bando, and Kazushige Sugimoto
Prenseter: Yuko Hirase
Toyo University, Japan

Session 3:
CE2-013 Title: A Multiple-Output Battery Charger with Dynamic Voltage Compensation and Adaptive Charging Current Controls for Fast Charging
Authors: Pang-Jung Liu
Presenter: Pang-Jung Liu, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

Session 4:
CE-111 Title: Energy Storage Requirement and System Cost in Achieving Net Zero Emission with Wind and Solar Power
Authors: Dong Zhang, Yunzhou Zhang, Zhengling Zhang, Jing Wu
Presenter: Dong Zhang, State Grid Energy Research Institute, China

Session 5:
CE2-016 Title: A Modified Attractive Function of Gaussian Potential Function for Obstacle Avoidance Control System
Authors: Kanapat Saenrit, Danai Phaoharuhansa
Presenter: Kanapat Saenrit, King Mongkut's University of Technology
Thonburi, Thailand

Online Session:
CE-154 Assessments of General Public and Occupational Exposure to Extremely Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields from 115/22 kV Substations in Urban Areas of Thailand
Peerapol Jirapong, Napat Jakrawatana, Panida Thararak, Sirawit Hariwon, Sekthaphong Chaisuwan, Supanida Kaewwong, Pongsak Junpong, Thitiwon Menthakanuwong, Kanapot Langka
Presenter: Sekthaphong Chaisuwan
Chiang Mai university, Thailand