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It is pleased to announce that 2022 The 4th International Conference on Clean Energy and Electrical Systems will be held in Tokyo, Japan on April 2-4, 2022.  CEES covers a broad range of clean energy and electrical systems topics, and it will continue the tradition of the past editions organized in Lille and Morocco. Clean energy, or green energy, refers to energy that does not emit pollutants and can be directly used in production and life. It includes nuclear energy and "renewable energy." With the continuous growth of energy demand and the increasing awareness of environmental protection in countries around the world, it is urgent and imperative to establish a clean energy innovation research and development, promotion and application system. Electricity will play a huge role in the development of clean energy. The future development trend of energy must be towards the direction of clean energy, and the ecological and economic benefits it brings will be immeasurable.

On the basis of it, the theme of CEES 2022 is bridging and connecting – across disciplines, practices, places and understandings. The most interesting things happen at edges and boundaries, and so the aim of the conference is to demonstrate and examine different approaches in innovative power and energy technology solutions. It features invited speakers as well as peer-reviewed paper presentations. The conference is completely open (one needs to register first), you will not have to be an author or a discussant to attend.

Conference Objectives

*To provide the communication platform for scholars from the world to exchange ideas related to your field of interest, paving the way for potential future collaborations.

*To stay connected to others in power and energy field and learn about cutting-edge scholarship.

*To help attendees gather information from listening to the presentation of other speakers from all over the world.

*To seeds the link for scientific cooperation by meeting researchers from various countries so that to make a progress on the world research.



Submissions will be peer-reviewed and evaluated based on originality, relevance to conference, contributions, and presentation. Accepted full papers will be collected in CEES2022 conference proceedings, which are to be submitted for indexing to Ei Compendex, Scopus, IET etc. major databases.

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Note For Submission

1. CEES accepts both full paper and abstract submissions;
When publication is concerned, full paper submission is compulsory.

2. The review cycle for each paper is around 20-30 days. If you want to get the result as earlier as possible, it's better for you to submit your paper as early as you can.

3. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at cees@academic.net

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The secretary of CEES 2022 will collect your paper contributions and respond to your queries. The paper review process will be completed by the Technical Program Committee members and international reviewers. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our conference secretary.

Yasmin QIU